Anytime Fitness is a popular gym that allows members to workout 24 hours a day. With over 1,900 locations around the world members are...

Anytime Fitness is a popular gym that allows members to workout 24 hours a day. With over 1,900 locations around the world members are encouraged to create a workout schedule that is convenient for them that conforms to their personal routine. The first Anytime Fitness was opened in 1983 and it became well-known since at the time of its opening no other gyms were staying open 24 hours a day including major holidays. It has gone on to become one of the fastest growing fitness club franchises in the world and members benefit not only from accessibility but from affordable Anytime Fitness prices. If you are wondering how much does Anytime Fitness cost you have come to the right place because below you will find Anytime Fitness membership cost table that will give you prices for monthly and yearly Anytime Fitness memberships.

Below are the latest Anytime Fitness Membership Fees:

Anytime Fitness Prices
(One Member)
Initiation Fee$0-$50
Monthly Fee$30-$40
Prepay Annually$400-$500
(Two Adult)
Initiation Fee$0-$100
Monthly Fee$50-$70
Prepay Annually$700-$800

Anytime fitness fees can be affected by cost of living in your area.

Along with benefiting from low Anytime Fitness prices and convenience, members have access to other amenities. Members are able to visit any club or facility in the world once they join making membership ideal for those who travel regularly for business. Certain locations offer tanning services and members receive a personal orientation with a trainer that includes demonstrations of effective workouts, basic exercise routines, and demonstrations of popular programs. Anytime Fitness prices also include access to clean changing facilities with training and security that includes one touch emergency alerts.

Anytime Fitness membership fees start out at $30-$40 per month for an individual and $50-$70 for a couple. Some locations offer discounts for groups, senior citizens, and the employees of certain companies. Additionally, certain health insurance companies will pay a portion of your membership fees. There is a fee for your access key that is $35.00 and an initiation fee is typically $50 per person (Initiation fee is free during some special promotions). Since there is no contract required members are able to cancel anytime without paying a cancellation fee.  Anytime Fitness cost can be reduced if you are someone who does not like paying fees each month, you have the option of paying your fees annually and members who prepay do receive a discount. We recommend you call your local Anytime Fitness to get the latest prices and fees. Click HERE to find Anytime Fitness near you.